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Sicilian Defence

The most popular defence against 1.e4 . It's nature is aggressive, looking for counter-attack, but still positionnaly sound. We provide the complete theory of the Sicilian Defence with annotated model games.

Garry Kasparov

Maybe the strongest player of all time. He became Chess Worldchampion in 1983. Here at you will find all his games annotated and explained. We use all available sources to compile the annotations.

Tactics Training

Most chess games are decided by tactics. Therefore the highest improvement in your results will come from a better tactical ability. Therefore we provide a huge amount of tactical training positions for you to study and solve.

Endgame Training

When you cannot beat your opponent in the opening or in the middel game, you will get endgame positions in your games. Therefore you should know the endgame theory and practical endgames and use this knowledge for better results. - Chess Theory and Annotated Chess Games

A website is the best format to publish Chess Theory. Books are limited by space. Databases are outdated very fast. On we have almost unlimited space and updates are online within seconds. And the best feature is that the content is created in interaction with our readers.


Chess Theory
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